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The evolution of workplace giving and what it means for the future.

Over the last 25 years, we have witnessed the evolution of workplace giving.  We have seen paper evolve to technology.  We have seen one charity turn into choice.  We have seen the gift of one evolve into community engagement.  Workplace Giving has accomplished everything that was deemed as its’ future from several years ago.  So what does that mean for our new future?  As technology and social media advance, how can we propel the old future to the new future and how do we bring that to our partners so that they can evolve their relationships with their communities, promoting engagement, philanthropy and partnerships?

The simple answer is that the future is here and it is ready to be utilized.  Possibilities with technology are virtually endless.  They are pliable and responsive to the needs of our partners as well as the charitable organizations they serve, thus allowing us to be the vehicle connecting the past to the future.

The future of workplace giving is, quite simply up to us.  What we decide to do with the resources around us, and how we can shape those for the betterment and advancement of workplace giving will pave the way for our partners and organizations to transition into the future.

Perhaps it isn’t about what is in store for future of workplace giving but rather what isn’t in store for the future.  If we prepare for the future as if it has arrived now, we can assist our partners to adopt the advanced technological and social enhancements that are currently utilized already in the corporate market thus making charitable giving and engagement opportunities as relevant as the business strategies we use to propel commerce.

Taking the resources that are available already and making them work now as well as in the future, will keep us on the path for the next 25 years making workplace giving proactive, advanced and evolved.  It is an exciting time for workplace giving and what it means for both the business and charitable industries.