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Last week, WPG shared some planning and preparation tips for employees to assist them in getting the most out of their company’s workplace giving program.  This week we will offer our Top 3 for charities.

  1. Explore your existing corporate relationships.  Meet with your contacts and discuss opportunities to expand and enhance your organization’s opportunities to connect with the employee base during the campaign season as well as throughout the year.
  2. Engage employees at every opportunity.  Offer on site presentations, meet and greets and table presentations.  Giving people to chance to learn and experience what your organization’s impact and outreach is in their community, connects them directly to your work.
  3. Continue your relationship with your corporate partners well beyond the campaign.  Offer opportunities that allow your organization to stay present and relevant all year round.  Employees will remember your work and efforts during the campaign each year and support and share your mission with their colleagues.

Check back next week for Campaign Planning and Preparation Part 3, our Top 3 for Companies




Summer brings a lot of things.  Longer days, sunnier skies and perhaps a vacation.  It also brings us closer to the time of year many associates with annual workplace giving.  While fall seems far away now, it is the perfect opportunity to begin planning and preparations for your charitable giving initiatives and programs.

This week we focus on WPG’s Top 3 for what you, as an employee, can do to make the most of your workplace giving campaign.

  1. Identify your company’s workplace giving program.  When does it run?  Does your company offer matching gifts or volunteer programs?  Knowing the details around the program allows you to get the most out of your engagement and support.
  2. Research which charitable organizations are supported in the campaign.  Determine if charities that are important to you are on the list.  If they aren’t, reach out to your campaign coordinator and inquire how to get your preferred charity included.
  3. Get Involved!  Sharing your connection to your company’s campaign or any of the charities that are supported within it with your colleagues promotes excitement, encouragement, and engagement.  Come together to support the communities that you work and live in and benefit from knowing that you made a difference this year.


Check back next week for Campaign Planning and Preparation Part 2, our Top 3 for Charities




It is a word we see and use every day perhaps without thinking about it. This time of year, the concept of awareness is seemingly more prevalent. We are presented via our news outlets, our subscriptions and our friends and neighbors with different things we are told we need to be made more aware of. Health related awareness days, weeks and months are flooding our inboxes. We are reminded to be aware of various natural disasters that occur on what seems to be a more frequent basis. We are asked to be aware of issues involving children, the sick, the hungry, those in need. We are being asked to become more aware of so much, that we find it difficult to actually become truly aware.

Search for a cause that is important to you.

Give to your charity to support its programs and initiatives.

Share your awareness with your colleagues and simplify what it means to become aware of a cause meaningful to you.

Have you found something you want to support and share your awareness but do not know where to start? There are countless ways to give. If you happen to use Yammer, visit the Giving application on your Yammer network.

For more information on all things giving, please visit WPG | 1.888.331.1571