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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Ginglelive. This partnership provides WPG an opportunity to offer you an exciting new solution to enhance your workplace giving programs. We are combining mobile and video to engage your colleagues down the hall or across the country.  Share your campaign events and spread the excitement.  All of your content can be viewed live or watched later right from your own company page.

It’s the next generation of campaign communications and it’s here. Your campaign just got cool.





WPG rounds out our Top 3 Campaign Planning and Presentation articles this week discussing tips to assist companies with your workplace giving campaign.

  1. Start early!  Campaign planning can sometimes take a back seat to the many other tasks that flood your inbox, however planning early can help line everything up when the giving season begins.
  2. Recruit colleagues that share your giving spirit and delegate different components of your campaign to them, allowing their passion and commitment to boost the experience for everyone in the company.
  3. Creativity prevails.  With the advancements of technology, the broad reach of charitable organizations and the ever-changing business world, getting creative keeps the campaign new and fresh.  Come up with ways to keep employees coming back and staying engaged all year round.  Let them experience the philanthropy that your company is involved in outside of the campaign season.