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What defines a successful campaign graphs

There are many ways companies gauge the success of their campaign. How do you gauge yours? Do you track number of participants? Increase in pledges to charity? Volunteer hours and pledge totals? Once you have your numbers do you account for any impact there may have been on your employee base?

Keeping your success markers consistent each year will allow you to accurately track your campaign progress and run a comparison. This is especially important if your campaign coordinator changes with the implementation of a new campaign.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you set up your campaign criteria.

• How do you define an employee’s participation in your campaign?
• Do you track number of gifts or total amount pledged?
• Do you run your campaign for the same time period each year?
• Do you incentivize your employees each year, and if so, do you offer a different incentive with each campaign?
• Do you offer additional methods of giving outside of your employee pledging process?

Don’t be burdened with multiple graphs and charts that display different information, making it difficult to accurately promote the success of your company’s impact on the community. Streamlining the methods in which you track your overall success will also enhance your campaign, allowing employees to see how their efforts benefit the charities you are supporting.

Understand how you choose to define success. That’s the first step in having a successful campaign.