Custom Software Solutions

Software Development
WPG Solutions, Inc. also specializes in custom software development, building your projects from the ground up. Our team consists of project managers, designers, system architects and engineers. Applying our “yes, we do that” approach, we take our clients from the planning process to the implementation and roll out. Our transparent project tracking and status reports ensure our clients know where their project stands at all times. Our ability to stay on budget guarantees the client is getting exactly what they expect on delivery.
Application Integration and Migration

For clients that want to bring their data or systems over to a another application, WPG solutions can manage the migration and provide the client with the assurances of limited to no down time and service interruptions. We assist the client with determining the best approach for migration and integration not only in the present but plan for any impact in the future. We are experienced in overcoming the challenge of integrating a legacy program to a new set of applications to provide a robust, current and relevant tool.



Project Rescue and Rehab

For clients who find themselves experiencing their project going in the wrong direction or are unhappy with the way their project is currently being managed, WPG can help get the project back on board by going over the goals and expectations the client had. Technology projects can stall or go dormant for a number of reasons. WPG can assist with the project recovery phase by analyzing the original project plan, reviewing the work completed, the status of the budget, and the client goals and objectives. From that analysis, WPG has the ability to take over the project, working closely with the client to reestablish the project goals, provide transparent project tracking and status reporting, and redefine the project blueprint. Communication equates to client peace of mind.