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Q: How is WPG solutions different than the rest of the companies offering similar products?

A: Sure, there are other companies that offer other versions of these types of tools, however our innovation and “yes, we do that!” approach is what makes us stand out in this market.  leading edge technology and one stop shopping for community and philanthropic initiatives is here.

Giving for Yammer provides a social giving solution for all employees. Employee Activities appear in your Yammer Activity Stream, creating a sense of excitement, transparency and healthy competition among employee donors. Welcome to the next generation of workplace giving campaigns.  WPG is now fully integrated with your corporate Yammer account. Just go to Apps in Yammer and add Giving to your account.

Q: Can WPG help us shift to more of a focused year round campaign?

A: Yes, we do that! Regardless of whether your company offers multiple charitable giving options or just one or two, we can build your platform to help best represent your corporate philosophy on giving. Your WPG Account Manager is available to help you create the type of engagement and giving opportunities that best fit your company.


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A: Yes.  Our account managers are available to train your team members whether they are in one location or many.  On site or online, WPG will make sure your team is ready to go, before, during and after your campaign closes.

Q: Can WPG assist us in determining which products and services are right for us?

A: Like what we have to offer but don’t need it all?  No Problem!  We will work with you to determine which combination of products and services will best represent your needs.

Q: Do you offer mobile or text giving?

A: Yes, we recognize that many employees are interested in community involvement and enjoy the technology based “real time” process.  We have text giving solutions as well as our very own Social Enterprise App.  All of our solutions can be catered around workplace, fundraising, volunteer and one time giving.

Q: You take Bitcoin? That’s awesome! Can you tell me more?

A: Yes! We just recently added this feature to our giving application. Check out our Terms page for more information on how these transactions are handled.

Q: Help! We can no longer manage our own company giving site.

A: We’re here! WPG Solutions can offer you a state of the art giving platform and offer training to your team on how to use it.

Q: This is great stuff! What’s on the horizon?

A: Well, we can’t share all of our secrets but WPG is constantly working to enhance our products and services. If you sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, you will be “in the know.” The next generation of giving has arrived but that doesn’t mean our work has stopped. Our goal is to always be leading the way with innovative ideas, solutions and products that grow as our clients grow. Stick with us, we’ll guide the way.

Q: So...what does all of this cost?

A: Realizing that all company’s needs are different, WPG offers flexible pricing structures for our solutions and services including “a la carte” add on options.  We pride ourselves on being able to serve all clients both large and small and ensure we do it as cost effectively as possible.

Q: Does WPG distribute and process company funds?

A: Yes, we do that! We recognize that employees are very concerned with making sure the most of their gift is received by their recipient charity.

Q: We are a federated non profit. Can we utilize the tools WPG offers for campaign we currently run?

A: Yes.  We currently partner with federated non profits.  Providing you with a client manager and a platform your business development staff can sell to your corporate partners gives you an edge in the ever competitive market of federated giving.  The flexible platform offers a streamlined approach to represent all of your member agencies and partners equally in one place satisfying the needs of your corporate campaign.

Q: My company is small but we want to contribute. What are my options?

A: We are happy to tell you that you have options!  Small business solutions and service packages are ready and waiting for you.  We recognize it is not the size of the company but the impact to the community that matters.  You will be surprised at what’s waiting for you at WPG Solutions.

Q: I would like to work with WPG Solutions. What's my first step?

A: Excellent!  Welcome! The first step is to have a consultation with an assigned client manager.  Together, we determine your goals and objectives and create a package of solutions and services just for you.  It sounds simple, because it is.  You will be up and running in no time.