Employee Giving
When you want to come together and support charitable causes that matter to your employees

WPG Solutions offers web based and mobile applications for all of your corporate, federation, government and cause related charitable and philanthropic initiatives.  With seamless integration, we cater our platforms to specifically meet the needs of our clients.  Our Match application works in conjunction with our giving platforms and allows employers to increase the impact of the gifts donated by their employees.

When helping the community is part of your overall charitable commitment
Our volunteer application allows employees and employers to work together supporting the communities that you work and live in.  Employees can log time and employers can easily track and manage overall community outreach as well as company specific volunteer opportunities.



When disaster strikes at home or abroad and you want to provide support to those hit hardest
Disasters happen and when they do WPG solutions can provide you with our Relief application within 24 hours, allowing your company and employees the opportunity to donate to a specific relief effort or organization supplying aid to the area.

Cause Directed Giving with Matching
When companies want to direct their charitable giving to a specific area of interest, WPG Solutions can assist with implementing cause directed giving into your existing giving platform. Companies choose the charities and impact areas and WPG will create a designated group for employees to pledge to. Our team can also provide survey tools to help companies identify charities that employees care about as well as organization vetting for the cause specific designation groups. If a company wishes to implement a matching program within our cause directed giving allowing more dollars to impact more programs in your communities, WPG can implement that into the platform. Whether you choose to support Veterans Groups, Health Charities, Environmental Agencies or any other cause, our tools provide an instant way to enhance your charitable programs.

A New Way to Get People Giving
When increasing participation is a goal in your charitable campaign, consider a new way to help incentivize, reward and promote your team of givers. Provide employees with funds that they in turn can designate to an organization of their choice, directly from your platform. Offering these “job well done” awards incentivizes and recognizes those employees who go the extra step when volunteering and supporting organizations in the community. With benefits for companies, employees and the recipient charities, these funded awards are sure to keep the momentum of doing good throughout the year. WPG can assist our clients with selecting, tracking and administering the awards, and our comprehensive administrative tools allow companies to see in real time, where and how employees are choosing to give.



Flexible Pledge Methods
Giving is personal and can be different for everyone. Who to pledge to and how to pledge your money has never been easier. Employees can choose from multiple pledge options including payroll direct, pay direct, cash, check, credit card or accrued paid time off (PTO) as well as the frequency in which they would like to pledge. Combined with robust giving options and selections, the flexibility of our software allows for a truly unique and personal giving experience.