WPG is happy to welcome Dr. Linda Gornitsky of LBG Associates to our consulting team! LBG Associates is a woman-owned consulting firm focused on designing, implementing, and managing corporate citizenship and employee engagement programs and initiatives. Founded in 1993 by Dr. Gornitsky, and with over 150 clients since inception, LBG Associates drives social change through advice, implementation, research, and training. Learn more about our new consulting services and partnership with Linda.

WPG solutions makes recording, tracking and reporting Volunteer hours for your company easy and efficient.

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Volunteering In a Minute





Reward your employees for a job well done.  See how WPG can help you incentivize and reward your workforce in this video. Video 2 in our new series.

Incentivizing In a Minute



How is your workplace giving campaign going?  Or your CSR strategy?  We make CSR easy at WPG Solutions.  Here is one short video in a series we are rolling out about how we can help.

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Your giving should be unique and personal

Different people see different things when they look at a Rorschach Inkblot. What they see and how they see it is unique to that person and reflects on that individual’s personality. WPG thinks giving should be the same way. Unique and Personal. Donors look at the act of giving in many different ways and what that donor gets back from giving is an experience unique to them. To celebrate the overall experience of giving this year, WPG is preparing to roll out new tools and services to our partners.

You spoke. We listened. From cause directed programs, a new way to reward the givers on your team and unique personal accounts just for giving, WPG is expanding our line and adding to our “yes, we do that” approach to workplace giving.

Stay tuned. Things are going to get exciting.

What defines a successful campaign graphs

There are many ways companies gauge the success of their campaign. How do you gauge yours? Do you track number of participants? Increase in pledges to charity? Volunteer hours and pledge totals? Once you have your numbers do you account for any impact there may have been on your employee base?

Keeping your success markers consistent each year will allow you to accurately track your campaign progress and run a comparison. This is especially important if your campaign coordinator changes with the implementation of a new campaign.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you set up your campaign criteria.

• How do you define an employee’s participation in your campaign?
• Do you track number of gifts or total amount pledged?
• Do you run your campaign for the same time period each year?
• Do you incentivize your employees each year, and if so, do you offer a different incentive with each campaign?
• Do you offer additional methods of giving outside of your employee pledging process?

Don’t be burdened with multiple graphs and charts that display different information, making it difficult to accurately promote the success of your company’s impact on the community. Streamlining the methods in which you track your overall success will also enhance your campaign, allowing employees to see how their efforts benefit the charities you are supporting.

Understand how you choose to define success. That’s the first step in having a successful campaign.


We are faced with a global refugee crisis.  The U.N. is estimating that more people have been displaced in this crisis than at any time since World War II.  Tens of thousands of people are fleeing civil war and unrest to find new homes and in some cases, with tragic consequences.  This is a worldwide problem.  If you wish to support some of the agencies that are working to help the refugees both here and abroad, please visit our featured charities on Giving.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Ginglelive. This partnership provides WPG an opportunity to offer you an exciting new solution to enhance your workplace giving programs. We are combining mobile and video to engage your colleagues down the hall or across the country.  Share your campaign events and spread the excitement.  All of your content can be viewed live or watched later right from your own company page.

It’s the next generation of campaign communications and it’s here. Your campaign just got cool.





WPG rounds out our Top 3 Campaign Planning and Presentation articles this week discussing tips to assist companies with your workplace giving campaign.

  1. Start early!  Campaign planning can sometimes take a back seat to the many other tasks that flood your inbox, however planning early can help line everything up when the giving season begins.
  2. Recruit colleagues that share your giving spirit and delegate different components of your campaign to them, allowing their passion and commitment to boost the experience for everyone in the company.
  3. Creativity prevails.  With the advancements of technology, the broad reach of charitable organizations and the ever-changing business world, getting creative keeps the campaign new and fresh.  Come up with ways to keep employees coming back and staying engaged all year round.  Let them experience the philanthropy that your company is involved in outside of the campaign season.





Last week, WPG shared some planning and preparation tips for employees to assist them in getting the most out of their company’s workplace giving program.  This week we will offer our Top 3 for charities.

  1. Explore your existing corporate relationships.  Meet with your contacts and discuss opportunities to expand and enhance your organization’s opportunities to connect with the employee base during the campaign season as well as throughout the year.
  2. Engage employees at every opportunity.  Offer on site presentations, meet and greets and table presentations.  Giving people to chance to learn and experience what your organization’s impact and outreach is in their community, connects them directly to your work.
  3. Continue your relationship with your corporate partners well beyond the campaign.  Offer opportunities that allow your organization to stay present and relevant all year round.  Employees will remember your work and efforts during the campaign each year and support and share your mission with their colleagues.

Check back next week for Campaign Planning and Preparation Part 3, our Top 3 for Companies