Web Based Applications
Our web based applications allow for seamless integration of all of your giving needs.  With our brand new WPGCares landing page, your company can link to all of our platforms, applications and solutions from one giving “hub” year round.  Realizing the need to reach your employees who may be on the go, we have expanded our web based applications to include a mobile component, allowing fast and easy to your company’s giving options.

App Based Software
For those clients that prefer an app approach to charitable giving, WPG solutions has the answer.  We are expanding on our Giving app, currently in the Yammer global network and available to brand for your company to include Volunteer and Relief. These apps bring the “social” to your Enterprise Social Network and are now available in other enterprise networks besides Yammer.



Custom Applications
WPG Solutions also builds software from the ground up.  If you want a completely customized workplace solution for your charitable giving, we can do that.  Our team can work with your company in the scope, design, build and implementation.