Leave Your Mark In the Community
Our Giving, Match, Volunteer and Relief solutions are branded to align with your company’s philosophy.  Enhance your workplace impact, engagement and social responsibility by partnering with WPG Solutions.
Anticipating trends and needs within the giving community, WPG proactively creates solutions before our clients even realize they need them.  Forward, creative thinking and collaboration allows our clients to be creative and forward thinking in regards to their campaign, thus creating more of an impact where it matters most.  Offering Bitcoin payments, translating desktop applications into effective mobile applications and creating the first of it’s kind giving app for enterprise social networks, WPG keeps our clients at the forefront and ready for the next generation of workplace giving. Click on our See What’s New section to learn more about our latest products and services.
www_whyIcon_003Let Everyone Know What You are Doing
WPG solutions no longer wants our clients to think of their community giving as individualized programs that run at specific times throughout the year.  We want to help your company promote all of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives year round, regardless of the types of programs you offer.  Introducing WPGCares - another value add solution by WPG.  WPGCares brings together your corporate philanthropic initiatives, information and impact – accessible by your employees year round so they can always know what your are doing in and for your communities.
www_whyIcon_003Live Mobile Video Streaming
Forget company wide email blasts or voicemails to kickoff your campaign.  No more need to reply on conference calls to find out what your other locations are doing in their campaign efforts.  Now you have the power to stream live video and have it uploaded to your company branded page accessible by everyone.  Live mobile video streaming accessible anytime you need it powered by WPG solutions in partnership with Ginglelive.  Watch our video.
Our solutions and tools benefit your company, your employees and your community.  By reducing cost and waste with our easy online tools, you can enhance your company image by showcasing your philanthropic initiatives.  Improve program participation and employee engagement by making the charitable giving process fast and user friendly.  By maximizing the amount of the gifts and reducing the overall cost of the program, your company can expand community impact and enable easy access directly connecting your employees to the areas that matter most
Client Data and information is of the utmost importance to WPG.  We partner with clients who have high level security requirements and restrictions.  Government agencies, Insurance companies and Hospitals.  Whatever your security requirements are, WPG can provide you with  the solution that is best for you.
WPG believes in providing accessibility for every employee – at their desk or on the go – and offering product solutions to meet those needs.  We have the ability to provide comprehensive, leading edge software, services and solutions to make our client’s vision come to life.