Top 3 Campaign Planning and Preparation – Part 2




Last week, WPG shared some planning and preparation tips for employees to assist them in getting the most out of their company’s workplace giving program.  This week we will offer our Top 3 for charities.

  1. Explore your existing corporate relationships.  Meet with your contacts and discuss opportunities to expand and enhance your organization’s opportunities to connect with the employee base during the campaign season as well as throughout the year.
  2. Engage employees at every opportunity.  Offer on site presentations, meet and greets and table presentations.  Giving people to chance to learn and experience what your organization’s impact and outreach is in their community, connects them directly to your work.
  3. Continue your relationship with your corporate partners well beyond the campaign.  Offer opportunities that allow your organization to stay present and relevant all year round.  Employees will remember your work and efforts during the campaign each year and support and share your mission with their colleagues.

Check back next week for Campaign Planning and Preparation Part 3, our Top 3 for Companies



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