Who, What, Why
The reason we do what we do, and why.
Who We Are
Our Company Dynamic
Founded in 1999 by Brandon Fix, President and CEO, WPG Solutions is an independent workplace giving software and solutions provider offering an array of services to meet our client’s social and philanthropic needs.  Web based, app based and custom applications, which provide seamless integration and cater to the individual needs of the client are what we do best, along with providing the highest quality of support to the company, employees and administrators. We partner with various clients in all types of industry.

www_gIcon_002What We Do
Software. Services. Solutions
WPG Solutions’ integrated, easy to use, online technology platforms help companies manage their corporate philanthropic initiatives. Using our software platforms WPG Solutions’ clients can seamlessly manage a variety of programs and with our comprehensive support services, clients can eliminate the administrative headaches of data collection, reporting and managing paperwork. With our “Yes, we do that” approach, WPG Solutions can meet the needs of all clients regardless of size, revenue and services required. The next generation of workplace giving is here.



www_whyIcon_003Why We Do It
Accessibility For Every Employee
WPG believes in offering product solutions to meet the needs of every company. We have the ability to provide comprehensive, leading edge software, services and tools to make your company’s vision come to life. From logistics planning to campaign and event close out, WPG’s team is there with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our superior client service and management, cost effective solutions, reporting and processing. We do this whether your company offers one time focused giving or year round opportunities.