solutionsIcon-v2Your Charitable Giving – All Year Round
WPG Solutions no longer wants you to think of your community giving as individualized programs that are only relevant during specific times of the year.  We want to help your company promote all of your corporate social responsibility initiatives year round.  Introducing WPGCares- another value add solution by WPG
servicesIcon-v2One Hub  - Multiple Programs
We brand the page and you provide the content.  Highlight your partners in the community, convey messages about your various campaign components, and feature pictures and stories about what your company is doing while at the same time providing access to your giving, volunteer and relief platforms.
Platform Integration
With the flexibility provided in this landing page, it’s easy to link your giving, volunteer, relief and other charitable giving programs right from your own branded page that we create for you.
Video Streaming
Company wide messaging just got an upgrade thanks to live video streaming.  No more need to send company wide email blasts or voicemails to kick off your campaign.  Simply video record the message and it automatically uploads to your own company page viewable anytime by anyone in the company. Great for rally’s, campaign events and meetings. Your branded video page links right from your Cares site.
Increase Engagement and Participation
WPGCares allows you to upload and share employee stories and testimonials highlighting why they give and support the organizations that matter most to them.  Regardless of where your employees are and how many locations they might be in, your Cares page will connect your team and keep the spirit of community giving relevant and accessible all year round.